Asphalt Paving Contractor and Major Supplier of Aggregates in South Central Wisconsin

Headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin, D.L. Gasser Construction is an asphalt production and placement contractor and major supplier of aggregates. The company completes projects such as asphalt highways, driveways, and parking lots throughout South Central Wisconsin including the Mauston, Richland Center and Adams areas. D.L. Gasser Construction is part of a larger, family-owned organization and national leader in asphalt paving with resources and opportunities throughout the Midwest region.

Like any road base installation, D.L. Gasser Construction employees form the foundation of our business. From our road construction crews and maintenance shop trades to laboratory and management professionals, our company provides rewarding and challenging job opportunities and encourages growth and development.

Safe & Healthy Workplace

Safety is a critical component of every road construction project. The well-being of our teammates and the safety of the traveling public near the work zone and the surrounding community is everyone’s daily responsibility.

Building a Sustainable Future

D.L. Gasser Construction demonstrates environmental leadership from top to bottom – preserving resources at project sites through careful planning and design, utilizing recycled materials in asphalt pavements and reducing our carbon footprint through alternative energy sources.

Innovations in Asphalt Paving

D.L. Gasser Construction is supported by a world-renowned laboratory that tests asphalt and aggregate products, conducts leading industry research, and develops new technologies to continually improve the quality and production of asphalt pavement in an energy efficient manner.

Partnering with Communities

D. L. Gasser Construction has a long-standing tradition of helping build strong communities in which we live and work.  For over 75 years, we have made it our mission to give back and help ensure that local needs are met.